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Workshops and Bootcamps

Workshops and Bootcamps

Our bespoke workshops and bootcamps are designed to elevate your team’s collaboration and collective performance.

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Build Leadership Awareness and Alignment

This is not a mere presentation or lecture; this is a practical full immersion program designed specifically for your leadership team to elevate their collective performance. This is done by developing your awareness and the practical skills needed to be an effective leader.

These  programs are led by world class facilitators who will guide you through various interactive exercises and group discussions. It is in this space of meaningful conversations and through the power of shared experiences that teams truly transform.

Each program is designed for your organization’s unique needs, by providing distinctions, tools and resources in a structured blueprint. 

Experts in the field

Meet your Coaches

Coach Aaron

Coach Aaron

High-Performance & Hypnotherapy Coach

Aaron Yager is a leading expert in Mindset & Emotional Optimization for High Performers, utilizing his extensive background in hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to help corporate leadership teams and organizations achieve peak performance. With over a decade of experience, Aaron's unique approach combines hypnotherapy with data-driven strategies to foster better teamwork, align on common goals, and enhance overall productivity.

As a hypnotherapist and performance coach, Aaron specializes in breaking through mental barriers and negative programming that hinder high-level performance. He works with a diverse clientele, including C-Suite leaders, entrepreneurs, creatives, and athletes, providing tailored solutions that drive rapid growth and fulfillment, allowing his clients to operate at their best every day.

Aaron is valuable asset for any corporate leadership team looking to improve team dynamics, optimize their performance and achieve sustainable success. His group hypnotherapy sessions are designed to foster a collaborative environment where team members can foster a unified mindset, align on common goals, perform better collectively, and achieve extraordinary results.

Coach Scott

Coach Scott

Experienced Guide, Coach and Nature Therapist

With over 25 years of executive coaching, counselling, leadership, and guiding experience, Scott specializes in executive leadership, strategic and business development, communications, stakeholder development and stewardship, marketing and operational process development and management.

Scott is a certified Coach (CC), Nature and Forest Therapy Guide (ANFT), Wilderness Guide (IGA), and certified in Advanced Wilderness First Aid, who has envisioned, built, and successfully ran two leading, national corporate communications agencies for 15 years, having served over 300 clients and C-Suite executives.

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Here's what you need to know

Why do we need to apply for an experience?

For transformation to occur, it is important to have alignment on values and mindset. We only accept candidates who are committed to radical ownership, growth mindset and are excited by the idea of pushing boundaries while embracing challenges as a means to grow.

Why is there a limited number of spots available?

We specialize in highly curated and private experiences. We have found that the level of conversation, interactivity, and growth is amplified with an intimate group, while fostering deep connections from the shared transformational experience.