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The Shooting Star Project

Every Child Deserves a Childhood!

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Our why

Where Passion Meets Purpose

Imagine being a parent and walking into the room where your daughter used to sleep in blissful peace at night. Except now when you walk into that room, her bed is empty, her teddy bears are snuggled up, and all that remains are the memories of the joy she used to bring the world.

Why? Because she has been trafficked to the darkest pits of the world, waiting to be rescued from her nightmare.

This is the reality that millions of parents and children face around the world every year, because of underground child slavery syndicates.

This is why The Shooting Star Project was born!

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About the organization

The Shooting Star Project

This project was established to join the fight against child exploitation and support with the rescue, aftercare, education and rehabilitation of children who have been sucked into the darkness of human trafficking.

We believe that children are magical, they hold the potential of positive change through their new filter of life and its possibilities. This essence of possibility is stolen every time a child is trafficked. The Shooting Star Project strives to support these children on their healing journey with transformational experiences, in the same way that we serve executive clients at Stellar Experiences.

Every child deserves to live a life of freedom, every child deserves to feel happy and safe, every child deserves to have a childhood!

Our mission

Our mission goes beyond Leadership Development. We strive to empower children through transformational experiences, holistic aftercare activities and vocational training programs. Through our efforts, we shift their perspective on life, build confidence in their choices and create new possibilities for themselves, so they can integrate back into society with a sense of possibility, freedom and happiness.

Giving back to our roots, our contribution begins in Romania and India, supporting children in need on their journey to create a new and empowering reality for themselves.

Our vision

To live in a world free of slavery, where children are cherished for the magic and innocence they bring to the world — where all children have a safe and happy childhood.

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Our Impact Partners

Together, we are determined to make a difference in the fight against child trafficking!

Foundational Pillars

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Education is a vital part of supporting rescued children. We aim to build the knowledge, skills, confidence and belief in themselves towards making their own choices, earning a sustainable income and designing a powerful vision for their life and their future.


Human Rights

We believe the fundamental human rights of life and liberty, safety and choice, means freedom from slavery and exploitation. These are rights that survivors of child trafficking don't believe are their own due to their traumatic experiences, and rights that are crucial for them to feel worthy of again. We believe that transformational aftercare can support them on their healing journey.

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Health is the most integral part of life, impacting one's physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. This is even more crucial for a survivor of human trafficking who suffers from post-traumatic conditions, health problems and issues like malnutrition, trauma to internal organs, and sexually transmitted infections. Supporting children with health and wellness recovery, helps them progress on their healing journey and enables them to build a vision of a full life to live into.